Daily Bread


A benediction from John 6.

The Lord's Prayer


The central Christian prayer from the Gospel of Mathew and Luke.

Prayer Of Saint Francis


A prayer attributed to the 13th-century saint Francis of Assisi.

Knowing And Loving Our Neigbors Of Other Faiths


Scott Alexander, Director of Catholic-Muslim Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, reflects on interreligious dialogue as the practice of following Christ across religious and cultural boundaries.

Into The Darkness


Parker Palmer talks about going down and in the darkness versus going around it.

We Will Rejoice. We Will Be Glad


The Lord will swallow up death forever and wipe away the tears from all faces, and the disgrace of his people he will take away from all the earth. This is the Lord for whom we have waited; let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.

Recovering The Ability To Receive Grace


Dale Ryan on our inability to receive.

Crossing Over To Love


Rudy Rasmus' vulnerable reply when asked about the Penn State scandal. Explicit language warning :)

I Am Your Shepherd


I am your shepherd. I will Give your rest. Reflections form ezekiel 34.

The Threat Of Resurrection


Is life hidden just under the surface of death? Parker Palmer on death-dealing vs. life-leading.

Friendship and Intimacy


Stephanie Paulsell of Harvard Divinity reflects on how to nurture friendship and intimacy over time by cultivating the radical openness and vulnerability embodied in Jesus.

Salvation and Love


Tracy Howe Wispelwey from Restoration Village Arts talks about salvation.

Realigned Again


Lord take it all! A revelation, poem and prayer by Kelly Hall.

It Will Work On You


David Wilcox and Brian McLaren discuss sanctification in the work they do.

Perfected Intentions


David Wilcox and Brian McLaren discuss reframing influences…people and fear.

Crucified With Christ


NT Wright on curing our disease of death by handing over our lives over to Christ.

Mending Furniture and Saving Lives


NT Wright on ministry, justice, justification and new creation.

Gotta Surrender To Receive


Zach Joy and his buddy Will talk about life after death.

Religion and Spirituality


John Michael Talbot contemplative grace and transformation, real culture and vein relgion.

Shame and Vulnerability


Author Brene Brown on our inability to create space to hold pain in community.

The Work of the People

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