Baptized In Pleasantries


Our churches should be schools of love, not bureaucratic entities.

An Alternative Way


Hopeful practices for the Church from Walter Brueggemann

What Is The Gospel?


What does reconciliation with yourself, with others, with creation, and with systems and nations look like?

Establishing Who Is Right


Barbara Brown Taylor on finding common ground with others.

What Is A Christian?


Stanley Hauerwas on the alternative witness of a Christian.

Land and the Baptized


What does land have to do wiht the baptized? Paul Sparks responds.

Bigger Stories


African Claude Nikondeha invites us into bigger salvation stories.

Empire and Neighborhood


Walter Brueggemann on on empire and the liberation of the neighborhood.

Honor Everyone


Miroslav Volf on the promise of possibility in 1 Peter’s command, to “Honor everyone.”

Neighborly Ecumenicism


“The ground for ecumenicism is found in the Eucharist,” Walter Brueggemann…And one neighbor at a time.

Love Your Enemy


"If you take the 'love your enemy' out of Christianity, you've 'unChristianed" the Christian faith," Miroslav Volf.

Why It Matters Where We Live


Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Ann Atwater and Shane Claiborne on why "place" matters to God and God's people.

Toward The Other


Is our Christian identity built from fear from the other? Christian author and peacemaker Brian McLaren on four challenges - historical, doctrinal, liturgical and missional - to consider for community transformation.

Knowing And Loving Our Neigbors Of Other Faiths


Scott Alexander, Director of Catholic-Muslim Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, reflects on interreligious dialogue as the practice of following Christ across religious and cultural boundaries.

Shalom, The Common Good and Neighborhood


Walter Brueggemann on shalom, justice, the neighborhood and salvation.

Welcome The Stranger


"He is known to them in the breaking of the bread." Parker Palmer on welcoming the stranger.

Love Your Enemies


Live generously. Love Your Enemies.

Everybody Matters


Don Cowie on why the unpoor need the poor just as much as the the poor need the unpoor.

Place and Dependence


Tim Soerens and Paul Sparks of The Parish Collective along with author Dwight Friesen and TWOTP's Steve Frost discuss going to to mission as "listeners."

Place and Reconciliation


m Soerens and Paul Sparks of The Parish Collective along with author Dwight Friesen and TWOTP's Steve Frost discuss the theology of place.

The Work of the People

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