Faith Evolutionist


Does your faith grow?

Faith Shift


How do we find our way forward when everything we once believed starts to come apart?

Irrevocable Free Will


Greg's thoughts on free will.

Refracted Love


Greg Boyd on God's dream.

Privileged and Entitled


Walter Brueggemann on his theological influences, the Gospel and salvation.

Warrior Sisterhood


Women don't sit on the bench in scripture, so why do they in so many of our faith communities?

Born Again All Over Again


Move into a new, crucial existence in your faith.

Old Testament Vilence


Stanley Hauerwas on violence in the Old Testament.

Pain and Theology


Ruth Padilla Deborst on the relationship between pain and theology.

God's Bias For The Poor


Ruth Padilla Deborst on God's bias for the marginalized.

Honoring All of God


Tripp Fuller on God, horses and Process Theology.

Why Doesn’t God Prevent Genuine Evil In The World?


Nazarene pastor and author Thomas Jay Oord’s take on why God allows evil to happen.

Symbiosis vs Competition


We are often taught that evolution requires the concept of “competition” to be at its very core. In this third video of the series “Emergent Evolution, Spirituality and God,” Philip Clayton talks about recent scientific discoveries that show how organisms work together symbiotically to create ever new forms of cooperation.

The Coevolution of Biology and Culture


Could it be that more than just biology is involved in the evolutionary process? In this fourth video of the series “Emergent Evolution, Spirituality and God,” Philip Clayton shares the concept of coevolution, the idea that cultural and biological forces both play a role in determining the broader trajectory of living organisms.

Origins of Life


Is life the result of a miraculous divine intervention, or is it an inevitable byproduct of the laws of physics and chemistry or both? In this second video of the series “Emergent Evolution, Spirituality and God,” Philip Clayton describes current scientific thinking about the origins of life on earth.

Origins of the Universe


It used to be that science was thought to have nothing to do with us. In this first of five videos on “Emergent Evolution, Spirituality and God,” Philip Clayton explains how we are in fact part of the grander story of the universe.

The Great Allower


Richard Rohr suggests God IS NOT coercive, but is the great "allower."

The Pattern Of The Trinity


Richard Rohr on the Trinitarian design of the universe.

Patterns In Recovery


“God is in recovery from violence,” says Walter Brueggemann. What things in your life are you trying to explain away?

Toward The Other


Is our Christian identity built from fear from the other? Christian author and peacemaker Brian McLaren on four challenges - historical, doctrinal, liturgical and missional - to consider for community transformation.

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