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MAY 19, 2015 - Visual Epistles

Resurrection as Energy

The resurrection shakes the foundation of the earth. Episcopal priest, Paul Fromberg, sees the resurrection as an energy that reaches across the cosmos. In this film, Fromberg talks about signs of the resurrection that he sees in his work and in the world. 

Questions for Reflection

Fromberg is asked, “Where are you seeing signs of resurrection?” He responds, “I see signs of resurrection in the natural world when things grow and flourish. I see signs of resurrection when children learn things they did not know before and become competent. I see resurrection when relationships that have been destroyed by disinterest or mistrust are re-established. I think I see resurrection most profoundly as people recognize the presence of God in the person next to them.”

  1. What are signs of resurrection that you see in your community and your life?
  2. Fromberg describes, “Like gasoline burning across an open field, that energy is spreading everywhere. So, the energy of the resurrection is uncontainable.”
  3. How is the energy of the resurrection “uncontainable”? What are some of the places that the resurrection needs to reach? How can you allow this to happen?
  4. Fromberg reflects that the energy of the resurrection, “Which in fact gives me confidence to pursue whatever I think I’m doing as priest or whatever I think I’m doing as a person who has a concern for the aesthetic, for art.”
  5. How can the resurrection give you confidence in the things you are pursuing in your life? 

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